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Member Report on the September 2006 Australian Waratah Regional, submitted by Bill Young

The Australian Waratah Regional, held in Sydney, New South Wales, Australia, 22-24 September 2006 was a fabulous event held at a beautiful venue. Margaret Watson and all the Australia based IADCCT members who helped put the regional together did a wonderful job.

The regional was held at the Novotel hotel overlooking Darling Harbour. The view from the guest rooms, the dining room, and even the classroom were of the harbour and the Sydney business district. The central location allowed easy access to sight-seeing and shopping. We all did a lot of both!

In spite of some last minute changes, Margaret's team kept things moving smoothly and comfortably. Sheila Andrews and Musette Young brought some "Yank" flair to classes, while Trish Gill and Margaret Watson (who had to pinch hit for Wendy Dyson-Rossi) gave the local touch. The water theme, chosen by the Waratah chapter, was expressed in the projects for the regional. The projects featured very different techniques and products, which made for an interesting learning experience.

The extra events were also a treat. We visited the Blue Mountains after the regional, took a Sydney Harbour dinner cruise on Saturday evening, had a lovely reception Friday evening (including a bit of Aussie history), and a spur of the moment dinner trip to Bondi Beach on Sunday evening.

I collected over 2700 pictures from the week or more some attendees spent in Sydney. Special thanks to those who shared their pictures: Wendy Mack, Mary Brooks, Zane Gill (Trish's son and her guest at the regional), Lisa Fontes (Mary Brooks' daughter and her guest at the regional), June Tucker, Trish Gill, Deb Ward, and Val Reville. A small sample of these photographs is available at the regional photograph pages (page 1 camera and page 2 camera).

NOTE: If you are on a dialup connection, please be patient. The images may take several minutes per page to load, but once they've loaded, you should be able to look at each picture pretty quickly. There are 50 pictures, 25 per page, totalling over 4MB.